The Most Holy Trinity

This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity.  I would like to share with you a portion of a reflection on this feast that I read recently.  It was written by The Most Reverend Blase Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago.  He writes:

From the very beginning, God has been with us…God’s presence as the Lord of history is revealed as faithful and loving.  We have come to know that God is only fully revealed in Jesus, who is God with us to the point that he is like us.  But it does not end there.  God is so much a part of our lives that the Father and the Son invite us to join in their work of redemption.  We do so not as hired hands but as true children, as fully adopted children of God, who through the Spirit of Jesus are able to call God “Abba, Father” as Jesus did.

The Trinity we celebrate today is not an abstraction, an idea unrelated to our lives.  On the contrary, the Trinity is exactly about human relating.  Trinity is that word and mystery that sums up how God fully reveals himself as the Lord of our history: the faithful and loving God who walks with us as one of us, who walking with us as brothers and sisters invites us to see our lives as part of the unfolding story, the narrative of bringing about the redemption of all creation.

This story, this invitation began as a shadow in Genesis.  The first parents were sent into the world to bear fruit and multiply.  God, in effect, placed history in our hands by commissioning us to continue the creation he began.  In the great commission to the disciples at the end of Matthew’s Gospel today, Jesus completes what was foreshadowed in Genesis.  There he sends us as disciples to be responsible for how history will unfold, completing his work of creation and redemption. 

Special Congratulations to the new members of Pastoral Council who will be commissioned this September.  They are: Wes Lamont, Diana Bismack, and Angela Roesner.  They will be serving a term of three years.  I thank them for the willingness to accept the nomination for selection along with four others: Tammy Dupuis, Ed Green, Joe Roesner, Jean Spyker, whose names remain in a pool of alternates.  (In the meantime, they will be invited to serve one commissions that presently have vacancies (particularly Worship and Finance). Special thanks to those who have completed (Camilla Mayer) or who will be completing their term on Pastoral Council (Ed Green and Jim Szynwelski).  Your presence on the Pastoral Council is and has been greatly appreciated.  We have one more meeting before summer break.  One of our last orders of business before Fall will be to approve the 2015-2016 Parish budget.

Last week I mentioned that Bishop Cistone gave us permission to enter into the process of putting Saint John the Baptist Church up for sale    In the letter the Bishop sent me, he emphasized that I should continue to keep in close contact and consultation with Tim Muter, Director of Grounds and Buildings for the Diocese.  He also explicitly stated that the interior of both Saint John the Baptist Church and Saint Matthew Church are to be maintained for the celebration of Mass.  The initial part of the process of putting parish buildings up for sale includes publishing a notice in the bulletin for four weeks to make parishioners aware of the intention to sell a given building and to give them an opportunity to comment if they wish to do so. The notice was printed for the first time in last week’s bulletin.  It appears again (for the second time) this week.

Please return your CSA pledge card soon.  I know that some of you are still making a payment on last year’s CSA.  I do understand that you may want to take care of last year’s pledge before making a new one.  Our fiscal year ends on June 30 and there is much work that goes into “end of the year” bookkeeping along with the paperwork and recording connected to CSA.  It would be great if all CSA pledges could be turned into the office before the end of June so that we could turn them into the diocese by July 1.  If this does not meet your time schedule, you certainly may turn it in later.     We are nearly halfway there in making this year’s assessment – we still need to hear from over 50% of the parish households.  Thank you to all who have so generously contributed to CSA thus far. 


Blessings on your week!
Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ