First Sunday of Advent

This weekend we begin a new Liturgical Year as we celebrate the First Sunday of Advent.  Scripture Readings from Cycle A in the Lectionary will be used this year and Gospel passages from Saint Matthew will be proclaimed.  The Scriptures Readings and music for the season are characteristic of the major themes of Advent, that is  the three comings of Christ:  1) into human history at Bethlehem, 2) into our hearts and our lives through Word, Sacrament, and the power of the Holy Spirit, and3) in glory at the end of time. 

In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus is preparing us for his coming in glory at the end of time by telling his disciples about the kinds of things that will happen then.  He encourages them and us to “Stay awake!” because we do not know the day on which the Lord will come.  Jesus is asking all of us to do “active waiting” and watching.  One day Christ will come to take us home; it could be soon or it could be at the end of time.   To prepare ourselves for that day, we need to “throw off works of darkness” and put on the armor of light.  In our active waiting for the Lord, we must be attentive to the times and circumstances in which Christ intervenes in our daily lives.  This first week of Advent, let us reflect upon our openness to receive Christ into our hearts each day.


I would like to extend a special thank you to all who took part in the parish Thanksgiving dinner.  Whether you were one of the numerous people who worked on Friday or Saturday, behind the scenes, helped set up, decorated, worked in the kitchen, oversaw some part of the preparations, cooked a turkey, prepared a dish, wrote a thank-you to someone, helped with clean up, or did anything else, I commend you for making the occasion a delightful community event for our parish.  I was so pleased to see the many and various parishioners who worked together (even if you yourself could not attend the meal).  Thank you for your spirit of giving of yourselves and your spirit of team work!  You truly enhance this parish community by your presence and commitment.


Blessings on your Advent Journey!

Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ