Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.  In the Gospel passage, Jesus tells the familiar story of the last judgment when the Son of Man will gather people and separate them just as a shepherd does with “sheep and goats.”  The point of the story is that we will all be judged by the ways in which we treat one another, the ways in which we recognize Christ in others, and the ways in which we serve him by serving others.  The Gospel invites us to reflect upon how aware we are of Christ in our midst and how we respond to him, especially in the poor and needy.

Advent begins next Sunday and I have included a preview of the Opportunities for Outreach, Prayer and Spiritual Enrichment during this Advent Season.  Please save the insert page and post it on a bulletin board or the refrigerator in your home.  This weekend and next, Little Blue Books will be available for daily Reflection.  Next weekend the Advent Sharing Tree will be in the main church entrance.  Each weekend of Advent, a reflection and extended period of silence will take place before Mass begins.  All Liturgical Ministers are asked to sign in 20 minutes ahead of Mass time. 

Last Saturday we had a very nice gathering for our parish Thanksgiving dinner.   There were 104 people in attendance.  And the food was delicious!  Thanks to all those who set up tables and decorated, who worked in the kitchen, who served the meal, who provided turkeys and dishes to pass, and who helped with clean-up.  Special thanks to Sue Haley for coordinating the kitchen crew, to Bessie Keller for overseeing the decorations, and to Zenos Dupuis for the beautiful turkey ice sculpture he created and donated for the dinner.  All who attended were grateful for the meal and the time together.

The Parish Financial Report for the fiscal year July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017 is included in today’s bulletin.  You will notice that we received a considerable amount of income for Saint John the Baptist Church and the sale of the building and property on Carla Drive.  It may give the false impression that we have more money than we actually do.  The diocese has us record the total sale of the former Saint John the Baptist Church.  However, we have not yet received all of that money since it was sold on a land contract, and we only get a check for $1500 a month (over a ten year period) in addition to the $5000 down payment.  We have a considerable debt to our Catholic schools that has accumulated over the past four years.  Based upon last year’s parish assessment, we should have been paying $7200 a month to Saginaw area schools.  (That is based on the assumption that our parish would have been receiving $7200 per week, and we would pay 25% of our monthly income to Saginaw area Catholic Schools).  The assessment is always based on the total Sunday/Holy Day income from two years previous to the current year.  Money will be taken out of savings periodically to at least keep up with this current year’s assessment.  If you are behind in your weekly contributions, please try to catch up by year’s end.  If you have not yet made a CSA pledge, please consider doing so very soon, as we have a considerable deficit to make up.   

Blessings on your Week!
Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ