Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

We Celebrate the Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time this weekend.  In the Gospel passage, Jesus tells the crowds and disciples to observe all things that the Scribes and Pharisees teach them, but not to follow their example.  In other words, he emphasizes that the Scribes and Pharisees do not practice what they preach.  He goes on to tell the crowds and disciples that they have only one teacher, one Father, and one Master. He tells them they must be servants.  Servant-leadership is what the Church expects of anyone in a leadership position, whether clergy or lay person.  Like the Pharisees in the time of Jesus, some leaders in our own day, think of leadership as privilege, status, or power.  Usually, these leaders are ineffective. Those who model their leadership on that of Jesus are persons ready to serve people, ready to meet their needs, ready to put them first.  This kind of leadership may be applied to all vocations: parenting, the generous single life, the ways in which spouses relate to each other in marriage, Lay Ministry, Catechetical Ministry, Teaching, and the list could go on and on.  As we reflect upon the Gospel this week, let us ask ourselves, whether or not we function in some type of leadership capacity, where our priorities lie.  Is our life, leadership, and ministry all about us, or is it about others?  Do others look to us as an example of what it means to be faithful followers of Christ who practice what we preach?  Or do they experience the hypocrisy Jesus points out in the Scribes and Pharisees?

This week is Vocation Awareness Week.  Please note the special prayer and material in today’s bulletin.  Do continue to pray for vocations within our church and our parish, those discerning vocations, and those presently responding to the life to which God has called them. 

Special thanks to Janet Detloff for her generous gift of time and talent in coordinating this year’s Fall Craft & Vendor Bazaar!  I think it was very successful.  I know that the people who worked together had a great time.  Thank you to everyone who supported the Bazaar in any way, whether you bought or sold raffle tickets, made signs, donated baked goods or items for Santa’s Used Workshop, worked in the kitchen, served the lunch, sold refreshments, greeted visitors, displayed your own crafts, helped with set-up or clean-up, etc.  I appreciated seeing a real cross section of the parish involved in all aspects of the bazaar.  I applaud the Youth Group for their presence throughout the day, and for the appearance of Miss Saginaw County (Shelby St Souver) for a better part of the day.  I received comments from so many people about how pleased they were with everything.  Once again I thank you and want you to know that I am most grateful for your spirit of generosity. 

Blessings on your week!
Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ