Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  The following reflection is taken from At Home with the Word published by LTP, ©2017, Archdiocese of Chicago.    

“Family is a wonderful thing. But many of us also know the pain and suffering of family life. Today’s Scripture readings invite us to reflect on biblical families, in particular the Holy Family, so that we can see what holds them together through times of trouble—faith in God who is always faithful.”

“In the First Reading, we hear Abram complaining about how God promised him a horde of descendants, but, as an old man, he still does not have a single son. In spite of Abram’s rudeness, God simply repeats his promise of many descendants (Genesis 12:1-9). Abram responds in faith, and God gives him a son, Isaac. The Abraham stories (Genesis 12-22) remind us how hard it is for humans to trust in God’s faithfulness.”

“In the Gospel, we hear about Mary and Joseph traveling with the infant Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem. Luke portrays them as people of deep faith since Jewish Law did not require them to come to Jerusalem to perform this sacrifice. Because of their poverty, instead of the year-old lamb prescribed in the Law, they brought a poor woman’s offering—two pigeons. Yet their trust in God’s faithfulness was genuine.”

Let us reflect upon our own families and the ways in which they have nurtured our faith.  Let us also think about the ways in which we are introducing our children and grandchildren to the faith and nurturing that faith within them. 

Special thanks to all who helped out in any way with Christmas preparations and liturgies in the parish.  Thank you: Parish Worship Commission, Parish Art and Environment Committee, Father Jim, Liturgical Ministers including Musicians, and volunteers!  Thank you to those who helped with cleaning and tidying up the church in between Masses last weekend. Thanks to those who helped shoveling snow, preparing meals for those who worked full days enhancing the worship space, and who helped set up trees, decorations, and arranging poinsettias!  Thank you to all who visited the homebound bearing gifts and cards, and those who went caroling to the various care facilities.  Thanks to all who made donations to the Christmas flower fund!  Thanks to Pastoral Council for reaching out and supporting our youth.  Thanks to all who donated to the food pantry and all who worked at the food pantry.  Thanks to all who worked together “behind the scenes” and “on the scene.”  Thank you, “parish family,” for your spirit of generosity and dedication to our parish!

Blessings on your Christmas Season!
Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ