Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Last Monday, on the Liturgical Calendar, we re-entered Ordinary Time, now that we have completed celebrating the Season of Lent and the Season of Easter.    Even though we are in the Ordinary Time Cycle, today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity.  It always occurs on the Sunday after Pentecost.  Instead of green, the liturgical color today is white.  We sing a different Mass setting, the Mass of Joy and Peace, which has a festive Gloria and Eucharistic Acclamations.  We acclaim the Trinity in our Gathering Hymn, singing:  O Most Holy Trinity, Undivided unity; Holy God, Mighty God, God Immortal, be adored.  During this coming week, as we reflect upon the Holy Trinity, let us take time to reflect upon the prayers of the Mass and consider how they are Trinitarian in nature (e.g. Gloria, Creed, prayer endings, etc.).


I know that many of you are wondering when the new carpeting will be installed in church.  It will be some time after June 25.  Following is a reminder of the expectations and recommendations of the Diocese and the Office of Liturgy regarding what we have to do in the church in order to get approval for the carpeting project.  I received a letter from Father Pat O’Connor dated January 12, 2017.  Here are Father Pat’s main points:  The Office of Liturgy conducted a visitation with you on Saturday, January 7, 2017, to once again review your present worship space.  The following represents an overview of that consultative process:

·         Whatever refurbishing of your worship space the parish plans to do requires the consultation with the Diocesan Director of Facilities and the Office of Liturgy.

·         As identified in our August 18, 2014 pastoral visitation and letter of recommendation, we agree on the placement of the carpeting of the worship space: 1. Carpet samples were reviewed for quality and color.  2. Carpet company supplier [was] accepted.

·         Carpeting may be replaced following the already identified recommendation of the August 18th visitation and letter: 1) Tabernacle should be replaced by gold tabernacle…The tabernacle should be its own identifiable chapel and not obstructed by any other liturgical appointments (e.g. baptismal font, etc.).  2) The baptismal font and ambry should be re-positioned (so as not to take away from the importance and focus of the tabernacle) and reconfigured and enhanced to allow for flowing water and the potential for baptism by immersion.  The appropriate place for re-positioning the font would naturally be the opposite side of the sanctuary (where it was originally positioned) to afford the possibilities for plumbing and reconfiguration for infant and adult baptisms.  3) The present portrait of Saint John Paul II and his “Coat of Arms” should be enhanced (possibly with wood framing) to create a shrine-like area that looks like a permanent place for your parish patron saint.  4) Carpeting should be installed under the section of chairs in both the front right side of the worship space, as well as the last row of chairs on both side.


Due to space constraints, I will write more next week.


Blessings on your week!

Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ