Pentecost Sunday

Happy Pentecost Sunday!  And welcome, Father Bert Gohm!  Today is sometimes referred to as the Great Sunday, the fiftieth day, and the culmination of the Easter Season!  We celebrate who we are as Church, and we rejoice in the gift of the Holy Spirit who has sustained the Church throughout the ages.  We give God thanks and praise for the gifts of the Spirit.  As we sing, “Come Holy our hearts take up thy rest,” we pray that our lives may truly reflect the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Among them are: charity, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, and, faithfulness.  As we continue to open ourselves to the grace of the Holy Spirit, those virtues will shine forth in us, draw us together as one, cause God’s presence to be revealed through us, and thus, draw others to Christ.

We offer special prayers this weekend for Father Bill Taylor and Father Paul Rouse.  Both of them are celebrating their 50th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood!  What a gift they have been to the Church and to our diocese!  All of us know Father Bill and are familiar with his gifts, but some of us may not be as familiar with Father Paul.   Father Paul is a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston.  He served as Director of the Office of Liturgy in the Diocese of Saginaw 1980-1985 (with Sister Pat Wilson as Assistant Director). During that time, Father Paul also helped out in parishes on the weekend.  We pray in gratitude for both Father Bill Taylor and Father Paul Rouse, and we also ask for God’s continued blessings on them and their ministry.  Some of our parishioners will be celebrating with Father Bill Taylor on Saturday (representing the rest of us), and Father Jim will be with Father Paul Rouse this weekend (taking along our prayers and best wishes).   

The Parish Worship Commission has scheduled an Evening of Reflection for all Liturgical Ministers on Tuesday, June 13 from 6:00 - 7:45 PM in Church.  During our gathering, we will celebrate Evening Prayer, reflect upon our ministry as a whole, and have an opportunity to review specific guidelines particular to each of our ministries in smaller groups.  This session fulfills the expectation from the Bishop’s office that continuing formation is taking place for liturgical ministers.   The following are expected to attend this session: Sacristans, Altar Servers (including Candle Bearers), Ministers of Hospitality, Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and Cantors.  Anyone who is not currently involved in liturgical ministry, and would like to take part, is invited to attend the Evening of Reflection.  If you are unable to attend this session, please call the parish office or email Sister Chris at  There will be a make-up session for those unable to be present on June 13.

Blessings on your week!
Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ