Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This weekend we celebrate the Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.  The Gospel passage is the familiar parable of the sower and the seed.  Jesus tells his disciples about how seed which is sown falls on various types of soil.   The condition of the ground or soil determines the fate of the seed.  Jesus interprets the parable by comparing the seed to the Word of God and the ground to the hearers of the Word.  Let us take time this week to reflect upon the condition of our “soil” and “ground” as we receive the Word of God?  Does God have “rich soil” in which to sow his seed or does our “soil” need some attention and care?


Please note the upcoming events in our parish along with the deadlines for signing up or contributing to the various projects.  I am especially referring to the Loons baseball game on August 6 and the Parish Cook Book.  The deadline for getting tickets to the Loons game (and seated in the parish section) is July 30.   I understand that the tickets are less expensive and the process is easier if you call the box office at 989-837-2255.  If ordering online, the User ID is: SJP2 and the Password is: Loons.   Please see other details in today’s bulletin.   The deadline for submitting recipes for the Parish Cookbook is August 1.  I know that we have many good cooks and bakers in the parish.  I am hoping they will share some of their favorite recipes (or family recipes) with all of us.  All those who submit two or more recipes by Wednesday, July 19 will be placed in a special drawing.  For more information on the cookbook, please see the following page.


As I write this week’s article, I am in the process of packing to leave for Cincinnati (July 10-14) for the National Association of Pastoral Musicians 40th Annual Convention.  Even though I have not worked in the Office of Liturgy for the past four years, I still am an active member of the Diocesan Music Committee, a standing committee of the Diocesan Worship Commission.   Father Jim, several members of the Diocesan Music Committee, many others who serve in music ministry throughout the diocese and the country (and beyond) will be attending the convention.    This Year’s Theme is:  Formed as One: Union of Voices, Unity of Hearts. It should be a really great convention, given the main speakers, the breakout sessions, the liturgies, the concerts and other activities (one being a Musical Safari at the Cincinnati Zoo).  Ask me about it this weekend.


Blessings on your week!

Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ