Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

We celebrate the Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time this weekend.  In the Gospel passage, Jesus gives us a course of action to take, should a brother or sister sin against us.  He tells us first to go to the person before entirely cutting that person out of our lives.  Human nature inclines us to operate differently.  When someone has wronged us, our first inclination might be never giving the person a chance again, refusing to speak to that person, or devising ways of taking revenge on the individual.  Unfortunately, these things take place within our families, and with friends.  Sometimes siblings do not speak with one another for years, or parents become estranged from one or another of their children.  We should count ourselves blessed if we have never encountered this in our families or in our friendships.  It is only through God’s grace that we come to respect one another enough that we don’t let a relationship with a loved one get strained or destroyed.  It is grace that allows us to move out of ourselves when we have been harmed by another, yet continue to speak or be civil to that person.  Please know that I am not implying that a person who has harmed us is not responsible and accountable for his or her actions.  I am simply pointing out that if we follow the teachings of Jesus, our words and actions will be those of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness as outlined in the Gospel.  In some instances, with certain people, after we have tried our best to “work it out,” there may be no possibility of further relationship.  This week, let us think about the grudges we may be holding or the people who have hurt us.  Do we need to have a heart-to-heart talk with anyone?  How can we “let go” and move on?  How can we become better at being people of peace, unity, forgiveness, and reconciliation?

I invite you to support the parish Fall Craft and Vendor Bazaar which will take place on Saturday, October 28 in any way you are able.  One way that would be most helpful is if you would please pick up raffle tickets after Mass this weekend or next.   The proceeds from the raffle do benefit the parish. 

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned searching the archives of Saint Josaphat Parish.  I have read: bound bulletins (1973-1980 thus far), Finance Commission minutes (1970-1980), correspondence from the Worship Commission, blueprints of the original church, drawings of the granite altar, ambo, font, and tabernacle stand, parish directories from 1969 on, and various letters from contractors, etc.  Trying to find out pertinent information has been challenging.  I discovered that the first renovation of the church took place under Father Welna in 1968-1969 and the rearrangement of the sanctuary occurred under Father Zielinski between November 1979 and January 1980.  The Finance Minutes did not reflect these changes; they just noted that “A communication from the Liturgy Commission dated 11/19/79 was discussed.”  I have not yet been able to determine who the general contractors were for either project.  I will share more next week as I am out of space.

Blessings on your week!
Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ