First Sunday of Advent

This Sunday we begin a new Liturgical Year with the Season of Advent.Each Advent we reflect upon the three comings of Christ: 1) his Incarnation, when he entered the world as a baby, born of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago, 2) his coming in glory at the end of time, and 3) his coming into our hearts and lives each day.Just as we begin a new calendar year each January reflecting upon the previous year and making some resolutions, in Advent we take time to look upon the past liturgical year, and assess how we have grown in faith, how the faith has been passed on to us by those who now share eternal life with Christ, and how we have responded to the call to discipleship.How have we reflected the Incarnate Christ in our lives?In what ways have we failed to show the face of Christ to others?How prepared are we to meet Jesus, should he call us home this day?In the Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples, and us, what kinds of things will happen at the end of time.He warns us not to be drowsy but to be vigilant at all times.The world as we know it will disappear one day and a new day will dawn.As we listen to Luke’s passage this year, what are we feeling and what resolutions will we make in order to be vigilant upon Christ’s return?

Please do take a look at the Advent schedule for Prayer, Spiritual Enrichment, and Outreach in today’s bulletin.  I hope that all will take some time to seriously consider ways to enhance and deepen our prayer life this year, given some of the options presented to us to spiritually prepare ourselves for Christmas this Advent Season.  It may be through daily prayer with the Little Blue Books, attending the Advent Enrichment after Mass this Sunday, weekday liturgy, Bible study, or the opportunities for outreach, including the Giving Tree, Baking and Decorating Cookies at the Parish Center, or Christmas Caroling at the Health Care Facilities in our area.

This past Tuesday, Father Bill Rutkowski, the Vicar General of the Diocese of Saginaw, informed me that with the completion of Father Emmanuel’s assignment in our diocese at the end of November, the rotation of priests (Father Jim, Father Pat, Father Emmanuel, and Bishop Cistone) between our parish and Blessed Trinity Parish Frankenmuth comes to an end.  He also informed me that as of December 1, Father Jim will resume his commitment as Sacramental Minister to Saint John Paul II Parish.  Due to his full-time assignment as the Director of the Office of Liturgy, Tuesday evening and Friday morning Masses will be scheduled when he is available. 

Blessings on your Advent Season!
Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ