Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Welcome, Father Bill Taylor!  It has been awhile since Father Bill has celebrated Mass for us.  It is good to have him back (while Father Jim is on a long weekend winter vacation).  We will be eager to hear Father Bill’s insights into this Sunday’s Scripture Readings.

The Gospel passage for this Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time continues to tell us another story in the healing ministry of Jesus.  He cures a leper who says, “If you wish, you can make me clean.”   Jesus stretches out his hand, touches the leper, and says: “I do will it.  Be made clean.”   And he is cured.  In Mark’s Gospel, this is a climactic moment because just in touching the leper, Jesus challenges one of the strictest laws in Jewish Society.  Curing the leper shocked those who witnessed it.  Instead of driving the leper away, which would be the norm, Jesus reaches out his hand and touches him.  He sees not an unclean leper, but a human being in desperate need.  We may not encounter lepers today, but we do judge certain people as undesirable, unforgiveable, unlovable, unworthy.  Sometimes we make life miserable for them.  We do it in many ways by excluding them from our love, our touch, our forgiveness, our compassion, our understanding.  We do not allow them to penetrate our inner circle or to touch our hearts.  This week, let us reflect upon “the lepers” in our midst – those whom we have labeled as such.  To whom do we need to reach out, to touch, to look at as human beings in need, and show them the face of Christ?

Kudos to all who worked on and attended the Mardi Gras party last Saturday!  Special thanks to Ann Wamback and Amy Dupuis for coordinating the event, Mike Kowalski for preparing the delicious chicken and polish sausage, Jeff Dupuis for providing the music, and all who took part in the “fashion show.”  It was great fun!

Please read this week’s bulletin very carefully as there is much information in it.  Lent begins this Wednesday, so please especially note the following:

·          Our Ash Wednesday liturgies are: Mass at 8:30 AM with Blessing and Imposition of Ashes, and Liturgy of the Word at 7:00 PM with Imposition of Ashes.

·         A special Holy Hour (especially for the intention of our Bishop) here on February 28 at 7:00 PM

·         The Lenten Communal Penance Liturgy Schedule

Blessings on your week!
Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ