Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

In the name of Saint John Paul II Parish Staff, I wish you a joyous and blessed Easter!  During these fifty days of Easter celebration, may you be graced with the assurance of God’s enduring presence and unconditional love.  May you find many reasons to rejoice, for the Lord of Life makes all things new!  In our joy and in our sadness, in our faith and in our doubt, in our convictions and in our confusion, in our dreams and in our disappointments, the Risen Lord is with us.  The gift of his continued presence in our lives is most especially experienced in the sacrament of the Eucharist we celebrate each time we gather.  This coming week, let us bask in the love and the light of the Risen Lord!  And let us return next week to feast with joy in the Lord!

Congratulations to those who entered into full Communion with the Catholic Church this Easter!   Samantha Lynn Smith, Kimberly Anne Smith, Madison Ann Koscielski, and Mason Robert Pilon, we are so happy that you have embraced the Catholic faith and are a part of our parish community!

Special thanks to all who took part in making the Triduum and the Easter Liturgies such solemn and prayerful experiences this year.  Whether you worked behind the scenes, planning, rehearsing music, enhancing the worship space, delivering cards and flowers to the homebound, visiting the sick and the hospitalized, or if you played an active role in liturgical ministry, or simply came to celebrate any of the liturgies, your presence and the sharing of your gifts is greatly appreciated.

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to seven of our parish youth who spent three hours of their first day of Spring break doing service at the parish.  Their first hour was spent in church doing such things as: going through all the pews and chairs with disinfectant wipes, cleaning glass doors, windows, and mirrors, dusting all the windowsills and furniture throughout the church, and clearing all the bulletin boards.  They had a lot of fun helping out and were a joy to work with.  Thank you very much, Nadia, Aliyana, Mariah, Emma, Joe, Lyric, and Allie!  And thank you, Amy, for extending the invitation to our youth and for helping with the cleaning as well!

Blessings on you Easter Week!
Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ