Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This weekend as we celebrate the Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, we welcome Sister Donna Gunn, CSJ who is present for our annual Mission Appeal.  As I mentioned in the past two weeks’ bulletins, Sister Donna is a member of the Carondelet Sisters of Saint Joseph of St. Louis, MO.   She will be speaking about the mission work of the sisters in Latin America.  I know that you will give her a warm welcome.  There will be a special collection after Communion this weekend and I pray that you will be generous in your response to the Mission Appeal.


This Sunday is Catechetical Sunday.  The theme this year is:  Enlisting Witnesses for Jesus Christ.  Catechists play a key important role in passing on the faith to future generations.  Catechists share their faith with others, help form them in the faith, and accompany them on their journey of faith.  Several members of our parish are involved in Catechetical Ministry: in our Faith Formation program, in our Youth Ministry program, as part of the Liturgy of Word with Children each Sunday, as part of the RCIA process, as part of Sacramental Preparation, and as couples who help with Marriage Preparation.  I am very grateful for their ministry which is an extension of my own ministry.  Our Catechists will be acknowledged at the Masses this weekend and will receive a special blessing and commissioning. 


The Gospel passage for this Sunday is the account of Jesus asking the disciples: “Who do people say that I am?”   Following their responses, he asks them, “But who do you say that I am?”  Peter says “You are the Christ.” Jesus warns the disciples not to tell anyone about him.  Then Jesus tells them about the rejection which lies ahead for him, along with his death and resurrection.  Peter speaks up again and rebukes Jesus.  In turn, Jesus rebukes Peter for not understanding what he is saying, for thinking not as God does but as humans do.  Then he tells all of the disciples, “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me…whoever loses his life for my sake and that of the gospel will save it.”  This message is for all of us, reminding us that the Christian life of discipleship is about the Paschal Mystery.  As we continue to reflect upon the Gospel this week, let us ask ourselves the following: What is the most difficult and challenging cross that I carry?  Has it ever been a means of resurrection in my life?


Blessings on your week!
Sister Chris Gretka, CSJ