Happy Easter!

I know, I know, Easter was almost a month ago. But us Catholics can never just celebrate things for a day – we have the whole Easter Season to celebrate!  

On Easter and during this season we hear the Good News that Christ is risen from the dead. We hear how the women going to the tomb found it empty and returned to tell the apostles the news, and how the apostles, in turn eventually spread this news throughout the world. We know it's not just any news, but the Good News, thebest news – the message of the Gospel.   

While we are still celebrating, I wanted to let you know about the great group of kids we welcomed into the Church this Easter! 

At the Easter Vigil five young ladies were fully initiated into the Catholic Church with the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. Four younger children were baptized also and two young men were Confirmed and received Eucharist for the first time as well. 

This is good news, too! 

It is the most fundamental mission of the Church to spread the Gospel and welcome people into a relationship with Christ and the family of God through baptism, and strengthen these bonds with the other Sacraments of Initiation. When our parish celebrates these occasions we are not simply observing another's happy milestone. Rather, our community is witnessing an accomplishment in our mission as Church! And even more, we are witnessing the action of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the people entering the Church and through it reminded that the Spirit is still active in our parish and our personal lives, too. 

So, as we keep in mind the joy of the Easter Season, be sure to welcome and congratulate Nadia, Aliyana, Raven, Elicia, Cheyenne, Gabeiela, Jaedynn, Olivia, Julian, Raymond, and James! 

These new Catholics are excited and happy to be part of our parish; we can encourage them and help them to learn and grow in Christ –and that’s all very good news.