Catholic Apologetics

Some recent studies have shown that Catholics are the religious group the least likely to talk about their faith. We are more likely even than atheists to avoid talking about religion, and the least likely group, by far, to persuade others to change their mind about religion.  

Well, we have been working to change that here! Over the last 5 weeks a group has been meeting to learn about apologetics. No, not how to apologize for their faith, but rather how to explain it! According to Catholic Encyclopedia, apologetics is the theological science which has for its purpose the explanation and defense of the Christian religion. Basically, it means to know your faith well enough, in some key areas, that you can easily discus it with others.  

We know we are called to spread the Gospel. However, it is pretty common for Catholics to feel unsure when talking about their faith. Learning more can give one more confidence to answer questions friends or family may pose and or speak up when the discussion turns to religion.    

In the last few weeks, we mainly covered questions that are commonly asked of Catholics by those from Evangelical Protestants communities or those who might be skeptical about God and religion in general. We talked about things like the Bible and Tradition, how the Church is set up and it's teaching authority, our beliefs about Mary and the saints, and what makes the Mass different from non-Catholic worship services. These sessions included presentation and discussion, some research in the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as well as various videos. You can check out some of them below! 

When was the word "Catholic" first used? 

The Rock of St. Peter 

Sophia SketchPad: The Eucharist 

Aren't All Churches the Same? 

Adult Faith Formation will begin again in the fall – watch the bulletin for what's happening!